Moth to a Flame

As coroner investigator for L.A.’s graveyard shift, Lydia Barrett suffers from nyctophobia (fear of the night). A promotion awaits. If Lydia can conquer her phobia—and reconcile the guilt she feels over her sister’s murder twenty-five years earlier, a wound reopened by the copycat killer stalking the dark valley, prowling for new victims.

All Who Wander

One snowy night in 1998, Brooke Mulcahy's car slides off the road in rural Vermont. Her car is discovered. She is not. Twenty-one years later, Robert Kirby, Brooke's estranged half-brother, is paid a visit from a young woman claiming to be…
Brooke's daughter.

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Praise for Joe Clifford

“Clifford paints true-to-life characters with the same gritty touch as the best of Dennis Lehane.”
—Author Robert Dugoni on Lamentation

“…gritty and addicting.”
—LitReactor on December Boys

“Taut, pacey and with a powerful sense of place… an intelligent and astutely observed piece of American small town noir.”
—Author Paula Hawkins on The One That Got Away

“Clifford understands human potential for moral collapse and redemption…”
Publishers Weekly on Lamentation

“…character-driven noir at its finest.”
—Author Jennifer Hillier on Give Up the Dead

“…the kind of wrenching, powerful work that defies easy categorization…”
—Author Jerry Stahl on Lamentation


After spending the 1990s as a homeless heroin addict in San Francisco, Joe Clifford got off the streets and turned his life around. He earned his MFA from Florida International University in 2008, before returning to the Bay Area, where he currently lives with his wife and two sons. His memoir, Junkie Love, chronicles his battle with drugs and was first published in 2010 and re-released in 2018. He is the author of the award-winning Jay Porter Thriller Series, as well as several standalones including The One That Got Away, The Lakehouse, The Shadow People, Say My Name, All Who Wander and A Moth to Flame.


Culprits, the collaborative novel that Joe contributed to, caught the attention of J Blakeson and the folks who produced Killing Eve, and is now available in the US on Hulu.

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