Chilling Serial Killer Books

So The One That Got Away, which is probably my best book to date, was chosen for a published wiki, “Chilling Books About Serial Killers at Large.”

You can find that list HERE.

Of course TOTGA isn’t strictly about “serial killers,” per se. But kinda. It’s about a lot of stuff. Serial killers, wounded women, damaged men, small towns and secrets, my mom, my awful yearbook pic, etc. It’s always interesting to see how others classify your books. We authors don’t necessarily make that choice. We pick a milieu, genre, whatever, but so much more personal history–love, loss, madness, regret (about high school yearbook photos)–goes into the creation, which is then left open to interpretation. I’m glad someone glommed onto the chilling serial angle.

Anyway, check out the list, maybe buy the book, and remember: pictures are forever.