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Joe Clifford


Berlin author releases new book, December Boys
Fox61, September 2016
"When you back in to write something like this, the first thing you have to do is disrupt that tranquility. Two people loving each other very much, nothing ever going wrong, is great in real life, but it makes for lousy fiction."
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Lamentation author, Joe Clifford book signing in Berlin
Fox61, March 2015
"You write what you know. In Lamentation, which is the story of Jay Porter, he works in the state clearing in Northern New Hampshire. He has a brother who's an addict, so I look at addiction from the other side, from the straight man looking into a world that's a little mysterious."
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No trouble with Trouble in the Heartland
Backstreets.com, December 2014
"I’ve been drawn to editing since getting off the streets in the early oughts. Through my various college degrees, I always made sure to get in with the literary magazines. To me writing and editing are symbiotic. Working at one makes you better at the other."
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My top four recovery memoirs
The Fix, November 2014
“Life is an amazing gift. It is my sole intention to make the best out of this second chance I have been given. It is nothing short of a blessing.”
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Joe Clifford was a skid row heroin addict... Now he has a new novel, Junkie Love
LA Weekly, August 2013
"He's got tattoos all over his arms, and he looks like a former NFL linebacker who had an awakening one day and decided to quit football to write instead."
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Joe Clifford: clean, sober and inspired to write
San Francisco Chronicle, July 2013
"He made the dean's list and edited the school literary magazine, Helix; he ultimately received an MFA from Florida International University in 2008."
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The write stuff: Joe Clifford on making up for lost time
SF Weekly, May 2013
"Depends on the day, the person. Usually I'm straight up: 'I'm a writer.' I've been a struggling artist for so long. This is the first I've ever been able to wear the badge proudly."
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