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Joe Clifford


Junkie Love

Junkie Love
Second Edition

Junkie Love First Edition
Original Edition

"From the first page, everything you experience through Clifford's graceful yet biting narrative is beautiful and tragic."
   —Ampersand Review

Joe Clifford didn't start drinking beer until he was almost twenty-one years old. By the time he turned twenty-two, he was addicted to methamphetamine; and the heroin wasn't far behind. Soon he'd lose his wife, his job, his home.

Junkie Love follows the roughly ten years Clifford spent wandering the streets of San Francisco and beyond, first as a wannabe rock star, and then as another homeless junkie with his head lost in the stars.

In between are the harrowing events and close calls, the shady characters and the enduring friendships, the redemption and restitution that led Fix Magazine to call Junkie Love "one of top four recovery memoirs" of all time.

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Indiebound Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million

Battered Suitcase Press, paperback, March 2013, ISBN: 9780615782959